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Responsive to your budget....

Our award-winning design team will manage your concept from its inception, in order to create exactly the impression you seek. Color effectiveness, lettering styles, materials, versatility and longevity are all part of our concern in designing signs and sign programs that meet your most intricate needs. The resulting professionalism in the design of your signs will make a positive statement about you and your company.

Power Corp. prides itself on our response to any challenge. That means we can accommodate special situations through design flexibility. A comprehensive scheduling process and our zoning expertise within all municipalities ensures timely, accurate installation of signs across the country. Our complete service includes a special packaging procedure developed to assure intact shipment of signs to remote locations. Through this process, long distance installations are accomplished as effectively and efficiently as local projects. In order to accomplish multiple location installations within critical deadlines, we developed a computer system to control scheduling, subcontractors, restrictions and all other considerations.

Matching individual excellence with each phase of the fabricating process, our team of professionals consistently provide innovative ideas to clients seeking better display methods. Our sign fabricators are dedicated, experienced craftsmen who have made design breakthroughs utilizing a variety of materials including neon and LED. We continue to perfect our craft to serve the ever-changing needs of our clients, some of the nation's leading retail and service organizations.